About Us

Our Company is honored to be a reputable member in tire industry for over 35 years, with the thoughtful management of Mr. Karim Azar. At first started with widespread distribution of famous Iranian brands such as Barez tire, Kavir tire, Dena tire, Iran tire, which continues to the present time with being one the biggest agents of Barez tire.

Malekan Paydar Azar Company has been the formal and exclusive agent of Shandong Wanda Boto Tire Company, China, for all types of tires, TBR, OTR, PCR, LTR, for two brands of BOTO and WINDA, since 2014. Shandong Wanda Boto Tire Company is one of the most reliable Chinese factories and has a great reputation in this field. The large number of our order, clearly represent our sale power in Iran Market.

Among the European factories, our Company is the formal and exclusive agent of Petlas Lastic San Ve Tic for PCR and LTR tires with STARMAXX  brand. This Turkish brand is also one of the famous and popular brands in our market.
We are also the agent of WATERFALL brand of Turkey for PCR tires.

Malekan Paydar Azar has an efficient distribution network of Iranian, Chinese and Turkish products all around the country and is proud of itself with offering the best quality tires.
The Company has an account report of over 6 million dollars each month which is hopefully increasing each month.